OHMAGOSH is not just a fashion brand it's a movement. You wear what you are, what you believe in and you walk out the door with it. And that is what we make clothing for. 

Our style never stops evolving because your life will never stop changing. Our sole purpose is to give you option; the freedom to express your true self and be proud of it. Period.


hershey hilado

Hershey Hilado, the CEO & Founder of the brand has a powerful and inspiring story that holds the brand different to everyone else. She is not your typical 24-year-old. Hershey is a survivor of human trafficking as a teenager in the Philippines and since she was 14 years old she became a parent to 7 of her siblings. She is a High School drop- out who lived on the streets for a few years of her life after escaping the terrible ordeal.When she was 18, she moved to Australia and worked in Mcdonalds for a year and soon moved to work as a Security Control Room Operator in a Gallery.

While working in a contained facility, she realized that her calling was never meant to be looking at CCTV for 12 hours straight. She realized that her past happened to her for a greater purpose and it was a story that will inspire and help a lot of women around the globe. So she left and started Ohmagosh in March 2014.

Although her background may be far from the life she has now chosen, fashion has always been an important part of her life. The way she described it- it's like a superman outfit for her if she wears what she feels she feels empowered and confident to take on the world, one of the things that also drives her is the movement and the sense of belonging and oneness when women simply love the way they look and shares that with everyone around them.

Now, her mission is to not only inspire women around the globe to follow what their true passion in life is but to also create a brand that best symbolizes the modern-day woman hustling their way to the top.

Instagram: @hershey_official

Facebook: Hershey Hilado

Website: www.hersheyhilado.com

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